SOCA - Friday, August 23 @6:00pm
KJ McNight

If you have ever been to Toronto's Annual Caribana Parade then you know what Soca is all about. If you don't, don't worry, I KJ McKnight will be your guide. An hour filled with high energy music and dances, smooth hips, and all the character that comes with that sweet sweet soca music.

KJ McKnight  will take you on a tour with highlights of tradition Afro-Caribbean dances, modern Caribbean moves, and choreography that will have you wukin' every part of you from your head, core, and all di way ti di floor. Bring your rags (towels) for all the sweat you'll be dripping and to also wave. Flags heavily encouraged.

Shaila Khan_004.jpg

Belly Dancing - Friday, August 23 @8:30pm
Shaila Khan

Belly dance is an act of celebration that embraces sensual expression, open to all gender and dance experiences. This workshop is designed to introduce belly dance techniques that focus on creating joy and self-soothing through movement as way of connecting to the community. The goal is to increase participants movement vocabulary and explore creative and playful self-expression. Participants will be introduced to basic belly dance techniques such as shimmies, muscular isolations, undulations, accents and hand gestures through the use of rhythm and imagery.

*Hip scarves will be provided workshop is an exploration and celebration of the body and is designed for any level including those with no dance experience.

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Kid’s Bollywood - Saturday, Aug. 24 @1:00pm
Ria Aikat

Bollywood dance originates from the vibrant films of India. It often fuses elements of classical Indian dance, Bhangra, and Hip Hop, bringing eastern and western dance styles together. The contagious energy of this class will keep you moving and smiling!

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Express Yourself Through Dance - Saturday Aug 24 @6:00pm
Oriana Pagnotta

This is a creative experience for every body as we practice the art of being together! Participants of all abilities and disabilities are welcome. Engage in guided movement games that build camaraderie, physical awareness, and creative expression, tuning into your own choices and innate desire to move. This inclusive workshop is an introduction to the principles of The DanceAbility® International Method, designed for all participants with or without dance experience. Explore your creative expression through fun improvisational dance activities. We value self-empowerment and embodiment, following your interest, and respecting your boundaries in a caring and welcoming environment.

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Flamenco - Sunday Aug 25 @1:00pm
Carmen Romero

In this introduction to Flamenco with live guitarist, participants will enjoy a demonstration, learn basic footwork, the flamenco aesthetic in the arms and coordinate with lower body.