Site-specific dance projects have been a cornerstone of our company since its creation in 2007. We animate public spaces in an effort to bring contemporary dance to the masses.

Being a Toronto based company we have performed on the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission), in local parks and other places of public gathering. We have been privileged to be invited to perform larger site-specific projects at many arts festivals.


An Honest Farewell


Our glamorous yet quirky contemporary dance catwalk performance is an ode to Honest Ed’s clothing department.

Part of aMAZEment - an art maze to celebrate the closing of Honest Ed's hosted by Collective Arts Brewery. (2017)

Dancers:  Julie Grant, Candice Irwin, Heather MacPhail, Marlowe Porter, Liisa Smith, Stephanie Williams

60 x 60


An evening of 60 dances in 60 minutes at the Music Gallery in Toronto (2010)

Choreographer: Julie Grant      

Dancers:  Julie Grant, Sarah McQueston, Krista Posyniak, Liisa Smith

Junction Arts Festival


Annual street festival (2007-2010)

Dancers:  Julie Grant, Hannah Greyson-Gaito, Hillary Krull, Ivana Matovina, Laura Matthews, Nicole Nigro, Zita Nyarady, Krista Posyniak, Lindsay Simpson, Liisa Smith, Mor Bar-Zakai

Subways and Parks


Dancer: Julie Grant, Ivana Matovina, Laura Matthews, Zita Nyarady, Liisa Smith, Shirin Yousefi