Kite Walk


Along the way we lose ourselves and are rediscovered by others equally lost. The pilgrimage of finding meaning can leave us feeling alone even as our common goal binds us. As we drift together and apart, we are marked by each other and gain the keys to move forward. 

Choreographer: Julie Grant      

Dancers:  Candice Irwin, Heather MacPhail, Marlowe Porter, Liisa Smith

Composer:  Greg Harrison

Premiere in Toronto as part of Kojira at The Randolph Theatre 2015

Four dancers search for coherence with each other, but it’s never quite what they expect. Even so, Grant’s choreography is strikingly confident, and the four performers are extremely well-balanced”. – Mark Mann

Patterns in the Ivy


Nymphs are guardians of the trees, streams, and springs. They are protectors of the ecosystem, terrifying and beautiful. Each one is mysterious and alluring - the spirit and breath of the forest. Their essence is the embodiment of the simple joys and curiosities of nature. Elegant, flowing, unbridled and wild, " Patterns in the Ivy" is an expression of the nymphs’ entwined connection to the sacred quality of trees. Every movement is an echo of the wind, the trees, and the shadows of the past.

Choreographer: Liisa Smith      

Dancers:  Julie Grant, Candice Irwin, Heather MacPhail, Marlowe Porter

Composer:  Greg Harrison

Premiere in Toronto as part of Kojira at The Randolph Theatre 2015

Patterns in the Ivy…draws together four dancers as a single creature, like a many-limbed animal. Their legs and arms describe delicate patterns in the air, curving and snapping like ribbons. Wearing shredded wedding dresses, they seem neglected, like the beauty of nature: stunning, yet easily forgotten”. – Mark Mann



Every individual contains a different balance between structure and chaos. Balance between these two poles is crucial. This work explores duality in a woman at the point when her balance becomes unhinged. She is no longer able to hide the darkness that seems to be seeping into her world. It is mischievous, maniacal, manipulative and the product of her own psyche. She realizes she is confined by her choices and must make a break for a new path.

Choreographer/Dancer: Julie Grant

Music: Live Room Out and Black Refraction by Tim Hecker

Premiere in Toronto at Collective Space 2014 (series 8:08)

“A woman is gripped in a struggle between wildness and self-control. She flips between the two, until she learns to breathe with the tension, at which point she discovers that the reverse is true—some vastness is breathing her”. – Mark Mann

Terra Firma


Terra Firma explores the nature of regret and its universality which connects us all. A truthful reminder that we are not alone in our moments of despair.

Choreographer: Liisa Smith

Dancers: Julie Grant and Liisa Smith

Premiere in Halifax at DANSpace 2012

“I loved the contrast in this piece between jerky and fluid movements and the tension that is created by the use of more angular movement in the body. Terra Firma is a very visually interesting piece and one that I am sure you could go back to again and again and see different things each time”. – Amanda Campbell



A consideration of the micro ecosystems beneath our feet and the knowledge that there is always something bigger than oneself. The combined use of choreography and improvisation mirrors the spontaneous and fragile order required in the tenuous preservation of balance. In a chain reaction of repertoire, change is the only constant and creation of life is the only evidence.

Choreographer: Julie Grant

Dancers: Julie Grant and Liisa Smith

Composer: Music with Moving Parts

Premiere in Toronto at Factory Mainspace 2010

“To an effective electronic score, crawling, sluggish life forms struggle to survive in Julie Grant's mysterious and hypnotic dance work”. – Glenn Sumi



Throughout our lives we are in constant search of a personal definition. The evolution of our identity is a reflection on the past, present, and future. Our experiences and interactions form a complex system of connections that drive our beings and personalities. In a world of haste and high-velocity living, it is difficult to pin point where you fit in.

Choreographers/Dancers: Julie Grant, Laura Matthews, Liisa Smith

Composer: Simon Gadke and David Stein

Premiere in Toronto at Dancemakers Centre for Creation 2009

“The creators had a well-developed gestural language interpolated with physicality that was organic and fluid”. – Paula Citron