Program 1 - Friday, August 23 @7:15pm and Saturday, August 24 @2:15pm

Production Photo ZESTcreative.JPG

Love Notes
by ZEST Creative

An exploration of the universal themes of love and heartbreak through the physical interpretation of popular love songs.


The Everywhereness of You
by Jenn Edwards

Losing a loved one forces us to face the lack of control we have over the events in our lives, and this solo attempts to physicalize this universal experience.


by Squash Court Collective

Reflections calls on both performers to work from embodiment, sound and breath, through singing, dance, violin and text.


Éclosion 1
by Tanveer Alam

A modern approach to using the vocabulary of Kathak, an Indian classical dance form.


Program 2 - Saturday, August 24 @7:15pm and Sunday, August 25 @2:15pm


by Kiyo Asaoka

A percussive flamenco dance about space and time in life.

Allisoneb - We Three (Photo by Andre Goulet).jpg

We Three
by Allisoneb

Women, in touch with their bodies, and the present moment, harness an eerie power that We Three extends to magical abilities.


by Black Sheep Dance Projects

uncoupling is a duet that studies how people transition from individuals, to partners and then untangle, finding themselves as individuals once again.

AK - Nature is Speaking.jpg

Nature is Speaking
by Ashlyn Kuy

Nature is Speaking acknowledges the transformations that have occurred to our Earth, over time, due to human negligence.