Your Dance Fest 2020
Wychwood Theatre August 22, 2020
Deadline: October 25th, 2019

“We have never been a part of anything like this before and you should be so proud! Making dance accessible to people outside of the arts and creating a dialogue with the community is so important to our collective so it was amazing to be a part of Your Dance Fest, which holds such similar values!”

-ZEST Creative, 2019 artists

Amy Hampton and Brendan Wyatt in  Middle Distance  at the 2018 Festival

Amy Hampton and Brendan Wyatt in Middle Distance at the 2018 Festival

random acts of dance’s Your Dance Fest is continuing to create ties between artists and their audiences as it enters its fourth year of programming. The festival aims to give artists information about what audiences see in their work and give audiences a better understanding of what dance has to offer. 

The biggest thing that makes Your Dance Fest different is that the programming is not decided by artists. It is decided by the audience. We have a team of people unfamiliar with dance, but excited to learn more. With the support of our artistic team they will be selecting the festival programming. We hope that by allowing community members to have a say in what they see, we will all learn more about this wonderful art form. 

Your Dance Fest will be taking place at the Wychwood Barns Theatre throughout July and August with the final performances taking place Saturday August 22, 2020. We encourage applicants from all backgrounds and communities and are committed to programming a festival that shares work from diverse perspectives. We program works which are engaging and accessible to audiences unfamiliar with dance but also challenging and boundary pushing both physically and thematically. 

This opportunity is available to artists who, at a minimum, have completed a professional training program or equivalent. All involved artists must be professional artists. Proposed work must be between 5 and 15 minutes in length. Excerpts will not be permitted. Artists must be fully available August 21st and 22nd for technical rehearsals and performances as well as for an open rehearsal on a Saturday in July or August.

Spatiotemporal  by Kiyo Asaoka at the 2019 festival

Spatiotemporal by Kiyo Asaoka at the 2019 festival

Chosen artists will:

  • Participate in one open rehearsal at Wychwood Theatre in July or August, 2020

  • Present their work on August 22, 2020

  • Participate in pre-show and post-show audience engagement activities

  • Commit to engaging in informal discussions and interactions with the community throughout festival activities

Five Taken  by Jocelyn Mah at the 2018 Festival

Five Taken by Jocelyn Mah at the 2018 Festival

Artists will receive:

  • An honorarium

  • Video and photo documentation of their work

  • Full technical support

  • A fantastic opportunity to show their work and meet fellow artists and audiences. 

All applicants, whether selected or not, will receive written feedback on their application. 

Interested artists are asked to submit their application online by October 25th 2019. Paper applications will not be accepted. APPLY ONLINE HERE 

If you need assistance with your application in any way, please contact us: We strive to be a barrier free organization and we want to work with you to get your application!

Applications should include:

  • $10 application fee

  • Name of Choreographer and/or Company

  • Contact information

  • Name(s) of Performers

  • Bios of all involved artists (max 100 words per person)

  • list of props or technical requests

  • Answer to the following three questions:

    • What is the proposed work about? (200 words max)

    • What is important to you in your body of work and why? How does your mandate align with random acts of dance’s? (300 words max)

    • What is one question you would like to ask the audience about the work you are proposing? (25 words max) Our community curators will answer this question. 

  • Video documentation: Video MUST be edited to 5 minutes (please do not send us longer footage with indication of time to start watching from) and must be of the proposed work. Rehearsal or performance footage is permitted. We can accept YouTube or Vimeo links only. Please note that this footage will be the main way our community curators will be accessing your work, therefore visibility and clarity are important. 

When Applying Please Consider:

  • What communities you believe your work is addressing.

  • How you would like to engage with the community during the festival.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

About random acts of dance

random acts of dance is a charitable organization that creates, performs, produces, and teaches contemporary dance.

Our performances take place in theatres, subways, parks, and other public venues. We create well-crafted, dynamic work that integrates choreography with improvisation. Within our pursuit of professional development and creativity we aim to reduce predetermined expectations and foster inquisitiveness in our audiences.

The goals of Your Dance Fest is to create access into the dance world, broaden audiences, and build community. Formed by festival director Candice Irwin, and artistic directors Julie Grant and Liisa Smith, Your Dance Fest was born from the question: how do we get more people involved in dance? This inquisition led to the formation of a festival that, though spearheaded by artists, prides itself in the intimate relationship it shares with the community from inception through to presentation of its projects.

Festival Photographer: Aria Evans